The e-training consists of two phases. These have been designed by experts with a long history in clinical research and hands-on experience in low vision. The training programme is customised to your needs and you will be able to adjust the font size and colour.

6 Weeks E-Training

The programme starts with a self-assessment test measuring your reading ability. Based on the assessment, we design a customised training plan according to the user’s responses. Systematic, easy-to-hard exercises for 6 weeks, 5 days per week, 30 minutes per day. With simple exercises you will train the remaining healthy retina and the Preferred Retinal Locus (PRL).

Reading Exercises

Once you have completed the PRL training (phase 1), we propose you to continue to phase 2: reading exercises that are specially designed for each user.
In this section, you’ll read sentences and paragraphs. The aim is to further develop your reading ability and speed.

Significant Results

First scientific results of vision rehabilitation have been presented by Simply Visio founder Dr. Murat Erbezci at ‘the 5th International Congress on Low Vision and the Brain’ in Berlin in 2018. He revealed significant improvement in the patients reading abilities, as well as overall vision.

Are you not able to read anymore as a result of an eye disease?

With the Simply Visio e-training, you can regain your sight and improve your vision. How does it work? The disease makes your vision blurred.
Unfortunately, we can’t take that away. But: by training the healthy parts of your eyes, your vision and reading abilities will improve.


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Based on a Proven Method

The e-training of Simply Visio is based on a well known and proven method. The training can be done by everyone and in any circumstances. Also when you are treated by an eye doctor, an optometrist or an orthoptist. The only thing you need is a tablet or PC and a comfortable place with enough light (approximately 100-200 lux).

The training itself consists of reading words and later little sentences. Optionally you can subscribe to newspapers and sudoku’s, all tailor made to your level of reading. The more you read again, the better!

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Start by downloading the app or register to our portal.

You can try the self-assessment, newsletter and sudoku game modules for free!

The e-training is available in six languages:
English, German, French, Russian, Turkish and Dutch.


Additionally, Simply Visio offers other reading tools in your language. The e-reader enables patients to read books, documents and newspapers, and make sudoku’s. Once you register, the text will be displayed in accordance with your visual needs, as determined in past phases. You won’t have to reset the settings before each session, but you have the freedom to make adjustments when desired. This reading service is available as a subscription for € 7,50 per month.

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Accessibility on iPhone and iPad

iOS lets you invert colors, reduce white point, enable grayscale, or choose from a range of color filters.


Simply Visio is a software platform that aims to help low vision patients. It is a result of ophthalmologist Dr. Murat Erbezci’s twenty years of experience on the field.
So far, rehabilitation methods are practiced at a hospital or a clinic, which poses a difficulty for patients with limited mobility.

Simply Visio set out the design for software for these proven methods. With as a result, the e-training you can use at home.

Simply Visio was founded by Dr. Murat Erbezci, Dr. Bulent Serçin and Osman Akdemir. The Simply Visio e-training is a result of Dr Erbezci’s knowledge and experience in low vision, Dr. Serçin’s in medical technology and Osman Akdemir’s competence and knowledge in information technologies.

Osman Akdemir

Osman Akdemir

Bülent Serçin

Bülent Serçin